Some of your Questions:

Q. What is the A.B.C Model?

With the audience being the primary focus in W7, getting the message to them requires careful and through thinking on how you, as our client, can reach your audience effectively in a way that insures a sustainable bridge is created.

Q.How does it work?

W7 has coined this model after conducting research on the current global and local market to understand the mentality, culture, traditions and the language that the public speaks. When it comes to Saudi Arabia market, W7 has been able to identify and categorize each segment and to look at what suits the audience best. Using the A.B.C model, W7 as a consultancy agency can provide its expertise and knowledge for you, as a client, to be able to speak to your audience.

Q. W7 to client

An upward bridge is created between W7 and you, where, W7 looks at the message that you would like to deliver to the people. We then analyze your message and its tone to measure its effectiveness.

Q. Client to Audience

After careful analysis of the message, a downward bridge between you, the client, and the Audience is created in order to star analyzing the business need and requirements./p>

Q. What about the Audience?

The creation of the bridge with the audience, starts with W7 asking (What, Who, Where, Why, How, When, By Whom) through these questions, W7 identifies what the message is and then segment the right audience. Segmenting the right audience means that W7 analyzes the demographics, psychographic, geographic and behavioral traits of the audience in question.

Afterwards, W7 Identifies the right location for the message, finds out the interests of the message receiver, identifies the medium through which it shall deliver the message and in this stage, this could vary since there are, multiple platforms with several different specifications and needs and it’s not always a unified platform that people with various demographics use. W7 then proceeds with identifying the right time for the right message and who shall deliver this message (By whom).

Q. What do we mean by (By Whom)?

Who will receive the message is a key part in effective communication but who will deliver it, is a whole other story. You can’t expect a doctor to inform you of holiday packages, rather, a person who works within that field.

Our philosophy is that, the right persona and characteristics of influencers can work wonders for your message. We believe that people themselves are a bridge, carrying the messages in their heart and passing it on to your audience.

The most valuable thing in the world is “A word” and the right word that is. It is important that the right person (influencer) is passing on the right message to the interested people. We hand pick our “messengers” that spread the right word, the word that can create a bridge between you and your people. Through the right people, we create a bridge that sets of a chain reaction in transferring the message from one person to another.

Q. What are The 3Cs?


Once W7 has collected the required information about the audience, the right message is composed in a way where the right words in the right way are picked carefully to align it with the client’s specifications.


After the message has been composed, the message is then crafted in a way that suits the audience and fits the results obtained at the Audience stage.


To convey and communicate the message across to the audience, W7 creates two communication bridges; one, between the client and the Media (communication tools) where W7 is primarily involved and another, between the communication tools and the audience where the media (communication tool) delivers the message in the most effective way.