This emerging industry in the MENA region has been fostering change that is impacting the mass population. Behind the exciting and sensational atmosphere of events, occasions and media is an intricate blueprint of meticulous communication.

The ways in which brands and their audiences interact in this specific industry determines a lot of their choices. With such importance dedicated to this field, it is extremely significant to craft the right content that reaches the right audience at the right time.

What makes the entertainment industry special is the fact that it is varied, with every client, comes a different experience which allowed W7Worldwide to gather an extensive experience in the industry and allows it to be able to develop strategies and plans for the success of the client.

Fast-paced. Energizing. Fun. Challenging. Rewarding. All of those words describe just a small portion of the entertainment PR world. W7Worldwide enjoys this industry because there is no true script you have to follow. You become a part of the recipe for success.

W7Worldwide holds sound experience in this sector although it has just begun to flourish in the Kingdom. Having said that, with the lift of bans in cinemas, W7Worldwide handled the first screening of movies with Cinema 70, and managed various events over KSA on the 87th Saudi National Day.