The Public Relations and Communication Sector in Saudi Arabia in 2018: Trends, Indicators and Determinants

Bahrain's "Exhibitions and Conferences" Growth in 2018

What 2017 Holds for Flag Carriers, Saudi Aviation

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The Public Relations and Communication Sector in Saudi Arabia in 2018: Trends, Indicators and Determinants

An extensive study conducted by W7Worldwide’s Analytical Research Division revealed a change in the attitudes of the public relations and communications market in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during the current year (2018).

W7Worldwide Report: Handling COVID-19 Crisis Communications

The COVID-19 pandemic has escalated faster than anyone anticipated, with the World Health Organization declaring the outbreak a global health emergency. W7Worldwide’s Crisis Communications Division has released a new report to help corporate communications units, both in the public and private sectors, to overcome and manage the growing complications of this crisis.

Bahrain’s “Exhibitions and Conferences” growth in 2018

The Research and analysid Division at #W7Worldwide Strategic and Media Consultancy agency has predicted a significant growth in the GCC economy and industry sector in the approaching year (2018).

What 2017 Holds for Flag Carriers, Saudi Aviation

An joint strategic report revealed competitors and those seeking to break into the Saudi aviation industry ignore the opportunities ahead at their own peril.

Brand Image and Public Relations 

Despite the abundance of information on how to build a brand image since ages, its role in the public relations and communications world has become a hot topic only in the last two decades.

W7Worldwide – The Communications Partner for the First and Biggest Cinema Events in KSA

The three decades long ban on cinemas in Saudi Arabia was lifted in December 2017. It has been a year, but this positive step by Saudi Government is still attracting a lot of attention from global media outlets.

80% of Global Technology companies use Arabic for their communications on Twitter

The Research and Analytical Study division at #W7Worldwide marketing Communications Consultancy Agency has revealed that 80% of global technology companies’ Twitter accounts use the Arabic language to support its communications with the target audience.

Women’s Driving Will Revive the Stagnation of the Car Market by 3% in 2018

A report issued by the automotive unit at the W7Worldwide consulting agency found that due to the permission granted to women for driving in the Kingdom, the sharp decline in the sales of the automotive sector will slow down in the first half of 2018. Starting at 3 per cent, it is expected to increase to 4.1 percent by the third quarter of the same year.