Our clients and their brands are represented to their audience through different mediums of the media itself, which makes our relationship with them a very critical one. However, just creating and maintaining this relation is not enough, at W7Worldwide we build relationships to fully understand who we are dealing with.

The media industry does not function in a single way – each one has their set of objectives and goals that need to be catered to. Building relations with the media requires trust, understanding and empathy – the blend of qualities that we have embedded in us. Through getting to know them well, we are able to craft content in a way that achieves objectives of all entities involved: the brand, the media, and the audience.

Our connection with the media in the locally, regionally, and internationally is well founded and strong as a result of our expert media relations’ team.

It is important to know your audience. By raising awareness about a particular issue, your organization can help initiate change. The media can help deliver your message to a broad audience, but it is imperative to first establish the best primary and secondary recipients of that message. Narrowing your focus will also help to prioritize media sources to generate press coverage.

By developing a direct line of communication with the media, your organization can take an active role in establishing a position in the
community. When determining which media targets to pursue, keep in mind the idea of quality over quantity. A single, in-depth and thoroughly written article directed at the right group of people can often have more potential for effect on your target audience than multiple impressions with less substance.