With the rapid shifts of trends that record historic moments, managing your brand’s image on social media in an effective and engaging manner requires a lot of consideration. Since social media is a platform that is highly sensitive to influencers and can easily be molded, it requires a lot of creativity and know-how of the industry at the same time to create groundbreaking impact.

At W7Worldwide, we create social media strategies that are driven by analytics and industry trends that are specific to your brand. We define your brand and highlight your message through creating content that is relevant and engaging, ensuring a response from your target audience.

Social media can be your best opportunity for enhancing relationships and expanding your brand. It can also help you do your job better. The web has become one of the most fertile sources for finding solutions to vexing problems, connecting with resources, building and maintaining relationships, sourcing talent and researching clients, employees and prospects.

With over five billion searches per day, Google and the like are clearly effective tools for enhancing your engagement with your target audience You can almost guarantee that prospective clients, employees, business partners, and colleagues will use it to connect with the people they need. If you’re avoiding social media, you’re invisible to those who seek what you have to offer. Be visible and available in the virtual world so you can expand your success in the real world! Connecting with your virtual brand community helps you build and nurture real relationships – relationships that will increase your success and fulfillment.

Whether you choose to focus on Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Facebook, or decide to have your own YouTube channel, blog or vlog, be consistent. Social media only works if you work it. Consistency builds recognition and memorability. Strong brands don’t go into hiding and when it comes to the web, that’s doubly true. To make consistency happen, create a routine by adding social media activities to your calendar or do-list. Strong relationships are built through regular, branded interactions. If you plan out a year a quarter at a time, you’ll be able to thread a story through your online communications to get your message heard and understood by those you seek to influence. Simply updating your status on LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook is a way to stay current and let people know what you’re up to.

Social media is a powerful tool for increasing your visibility, building relationships and connecting with others who are not in your geography. Build your social media strategy around your personal brand with authenticity, focus and consistency. Being real in the virtual world will expand your influence, connecting you more quickly to those who need what you have to offer.