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Every business and organization will be affected in some way by Covid-19 and needs to know how to communicate with its internal and external stakeholders. The W7Worldwide Covid-19 Resource Centre brings together a series of Corporate Communications Best Practice Guides, reports, insights and articles to help organizations navigate the crisis successfully. W7Worldwide is proud to have a deep history of delivering strategic crisis communications advice. We are monitoring the situation closely, offering support and counsel to our clients in the public and private sector. Our Covid-19 Resource Centre is designed to provide businesses and organizations with the necessary tools and expertise to communicate effectively during and after the Covid-19 crisis.

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W7Worldwide’s 7-Steps to Maximizing Virtual Events in COVID-19

COVID-19 had an immediate impact on the events industry with conferences and exhibitions cancelled due to global travel restrictions and social distancing measures.

W7Worldwide and VirtuPort Publish Crisis Communications Guide to Help Companies Prepare for Increased Risk of Covid-19 Cyberattacks

For the 4th year in a row, W7Worldwide is the communications partner of one of the biggest and leading cyber security conferences, the Middle East and North Africa Information Security Conference.

W7Worldwide Advises Corporates to Step Up Their Public Affairs Efforts to Aid COVID-19 Recovery

COVID-19 has significantly changed the relationship between business and government as the crisis impacted every country, threatening not only its people, but also their economies.

W7Worldwide Guide to CEO Communications in Phase 2 of the COVID-19 Crisis

The unpredictability of COVID-19, has pushed W7Worldwide to work towards developing a guide covering how CEOs can safely lead their organization through Phase 2 of the crisis.

W7Worldwide Releases Media Relations Guide for the COVID-19 News Cycle

COVID-19 has consumed the news cycle for some months, with the media covering the impacts of the crisis on governments, the public and businesses from all angles. Proactively engaging with the media at this stage needs to be done in a strategic way and only if relevant. To help companies and organizations navigate the media landscape in the COVID-19 news cycle, W7Worldwide releases a 7-step guide to create the right media relations strategy for the post lockdown phase of the crisis.

W7Worldwide Publishes COVID-19 Post Lockdown Digital PR Guide to Help Companies Hit the Ground Running Again

In response to the vast rise in internet and social media usage during the COVID-19 pandemic, W7Worldwide marketing communications consultancy agency sets out a 7-step guide to help companies create an effective Digital PR strategy for the post lockdown phase of the coronavirus crisis.

W7Worldwide Releases Guide to Corporate Social Responsibility During Ramadan in the Covid-19 Crisis

W7Worldwide Marketing Communications Consultancy Agency has released a 7-step guide on how companies and organizations can engage the community during Ramadan through Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns amid the global Covid-19 crisis.

How to Communicate with Your Employees Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic – 7 Steps to Follow

As the impact of the coronavirus pandemic continues to affect every business and organization, companies are increasingly scrutinized for the way they communicate and engage with their employees.  W7Worldwide’s Crisis Communications Division has released a new report to help corporate communications units, in the public and private sectors, communicate and engage with all the stakeholders through the fast moving Covid-19 crisis.

W7Worldwide Report: Handling COVID-19 Crisis Communications

The COVID-19 pandemic has escalated faster than anyone anticipated, with the World Health Organization declaring the outbreak a global health emergency. W7Worldwide’s Crisis Communications Division has released a new report to help corporate communications units, both in the public and private sectors, to overcome and manage the growing complications of this crisis.

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A 7-Step Guide to Handling Crisis Communications During the COVID-19 Pandemic

A 7-Step Guide to Handling Employee Engagement & Communications During the COVID-19

A 7-Step Guide to Ramadan Corporate Social Responsibility During COVID-19

A 7 Step Guide To CEO Communications Through Phase 2 of COVID-19

A 7 Step Guide for Effective Media Relations Strategy in COVID-19

A 7 Step Guide for Post Lockdown Digital PR Strategies

Latest From The Blog

W7Worldwide poll spotlights nature of CSR activities in Kingdom this Ramadan

Ramadan is a month of giving and sharing, the rewards for which are greatly multiplied this season. Every year, Muslims around the world indulge in charitable activities and initiatives in an attempt to help the needy and ease their sufferings, as well as in the fulfillment of the religious obligation associated with one of the tenets of Islam i.e. zakat (almsgiving).

W7Worldwide poll sheds light on role of internal communications in sustaining businesses through COVID-19 

Employee engagement is crucial for any organization’s success, and during a crisis situation like the current pandemic, it becomes all the more important in order to support the workforce through this difficult time.

W7Worldwide Poll Asks CEOs their Plans for ‘Phase 2’ of COVID-19 Crisis

The coronavirus outbreak is continuing to have a devastating impact not only on the health of individuals around the world but is also severely upsetting global economies.

W7Worldwide Poll Reveals What a Post-Lockdown Media & Communications Strategy Should Look Like

With offices, retail shops and malls across Saudi Arabia open for business after an intense lockdown, the focus of these companies and retailers is to reach out to customers and develop consumer confidence so as to drive the much needed sales.

Post-Lockdown PR Plan: Adapt Public Sentiment, Add Local Touch & Prepare Recovery Strategy

The pandemic is not over but most lockdowns are. The demand for online shopping has skyrocketed due to the coronavirus outbreak, which has forced many to be homebound for long periods of time.

W7Worldwide Poll Shows Post COVID-19 Recovery Requires Companies to Align their Plans with Government Policies

A swift economic recovery post COVID-19 is possible only when both the public and private sectors work together hand-in-hand and cooperate with each other in all departments.

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